how do I response.write this meta tag?

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Thread: how do I response.write this meta tag?

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    Default how do I response.write this meta tag?

    I have a page that updates records in a database and in the page I have a meta tag that after 4 seconds sends user back to the main page.<BR> Now I am incorporating some ASP logic that tells where they are coming from and I need to then response.write this meta tag:<BR><BR>&#060;meta http-equiv="refresh" content="4;URL=http://internal"&#062;<BR><BR>How do I format it after I response.write "???"<BR><BR>I know I can do response.redirect but I need the 4 second delay.<BR><BR>Jose

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    well,<BR><BR>why not use javascript&#039;s setTimeout feature?<BR><BR><BR><BR>onload=setTimeo ut(location.href=&#039;dghasgotacutewife.asp&#039; ,4000);

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    Default RE: I got it, anyone can use this, it works good!

    I figured it out and for anyone that wants to use this....<BR><BR> &#060;%<BR> if Request.Form("ESM")= "Internal Request" then<BR> &#039;This is an internal request.<BR> Response.Write <BR> "&#060;meta http-equiv=refresh content=4;URL=http://internal/GPDataClear/eSupport/eSupportView.asp&#062;"<BR> else <BR> &#039;This is an outside request.<BR> Response.Write "&#060;meta http-equiv=refresh content=4;URL=http://internal&#062;"<BR> end if <BR>%&#062;

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