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    Nathan Masek Guest

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    Right now i have axpclan.com hosted on my server and I want to host my other domain name on the server (loserschess.com). So the DNS info would both point to the same IP ( ... I know you can do this with IIS (host header names or something) but can I do this with PWS? <BR><BR>- Thank You <BR>- Nathan Masek

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    John D Guest

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    Each of your sites needs to be made into a sub-directory the one PWS site.<BR><BR>On your default.asp or index.asp do this:<BR><BR>Select Case Request.ServerVariables("server_name")<BR> Case "axpclan.com"<BR> Response.Redirect("subfolder1/")<BR> Case "loserschess.com"<BR> Response.Redirect("subfolder2/")<BR>End Select<BR><BR>When your users go to:<BR> axpclan.com<BR>They will be redirected to (and see in their address bar)<BR> axpclan.com/subfolder1/<BR><BR>hope that helps<BR><BR><BR>

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