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    this code works fine in IE but not netscape.any solutions?..thanks<BR><BR>function ShowTR() <BR>{ <BR> if (document.frm.rdType[0].checked) <BR> { <BR> = "none" ;<BR> } <BR> else <BR> { <BR> = "" ;<BR> } <BR>} <BR><BR>&#060;INPUT TYPE=radio name=rdType onClick="ShowTR();"&#062; Update &#060;INPUT TYPE=Radio NAME=rdType checked onClick="ShowTR();"&#062; view<BR>&#060;TR id=div1 style="display:none"&#062;Date Amendment Signed By Commissioner &#060;INPUT TYPE=text name=txtCommissioner size=7&#062; Amendment Number &#060;INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME=txtAmendmentNo size=6&#062;

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    The display attribute does not work in Netscape you have to use layers. I would search the internet and read up on how to use layers for Netscape...that should solve most of your problems<BR><BR>Best of luck,<BR>Bill

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