What course is worth taking?

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Thread: What course is worth taking?

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    Default What course is worth taking?

    i&#039;m not sure if that forum is the best place for that question, but its asp related and couldnt fit it anyhow somewhere else so posted it here..<BR>i&#039;m quite familiar with sql and was wonder what course is worth taking so it&#039;d help me one day find a job. i now that sql server is quite popular, oracle also, but maybe i should start from taking some other courses (asp maybe). any suggestion will be much appreciated

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    Default If you want to learn DBs....

    Start with a basic database administration course....If you have a local community college, it may offer something along those lines. Then, as you begin to learn more about databases and how they work, you can move up to more advanced courses, and get into some of the specialties of SQL Server, or Oracle DBs.<BR>Good Luck, and HTH.

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