Disabling the title bar in web pages using ASP

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Thread: Disabling the title bar in web pages using ASP

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    Tony Guest

    Default Disabling the title bar in web pages using ASP

    The Problem:<BR><BR>I&#039;ve looked around and haven&#039;t been able to find any worthwhile information, so I decided to post here. I&#039;m wondering if it is somehow possible to disable or make invisible the title bar of an ASP page using VBScript, thereby getting rid of the Minimize, Maximize and Close Window buttons.<BR><BR>The Reason Behind The Weird Request:<BR><BR>My boss wants me to instead use Javascript functions on the page itself to Minimize, Maximize and Close Windows. The reason for this is that when a user logs on to the system, a flag in the database is turned on indicating they are logged on, and not allowing any other users of the same name to log in. The only problem is that when a user closes the window before logging out, they&#039;re locked out until I reset their account.<BR><BR>We&#039;re thinking that if I use a little "X" picture in the upper right corner with a function behind it to log the user out if they close it, we won&#039;t have users locking themselves out as much.<BR><BR>Even if you think the idea is WAY out there, any input would still be appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Tony

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    Default You cant

    you have to open a new window using window.opwn where you can not display the bar on your page.<BR><BR>

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    Tony Guest

    Default Ooops [eop]

    Bah, I was afraid of that. Thanks for your input, though, that should help me along nicely.<BR><BR>Tony

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