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    Default ASPError and Server.Execute

    I am using Server.Execute to include a file. If that file doesn&#039;t exist, the Server.Execute will error, and the page will stop there. I would like the page to complete everything else so I am using ON ERROR RESUME NEXT. But I would like to capture that error and display. I had thought that using the ASPError object would do it, but I can&#039;t seem to get anything out of it relating to the Execute object. <BR><BR>Any help would be great, thanks<BR>-Chad

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    Default What are you getting out of it? <eop>


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    Default RE: What are you getting out of it? <eop>

    I am using the Server.Execute to dynamicly include a page. I know that at times the page it is going to try get won&#039;t exist. That isn&#039;t the problem. Because I want the rest of the page to finish displaying I use the ON ERROR RESUME NEXT. How do I then display that error, the one that would normaly be displayed about Execute being unable to include a non-existant page. I try using the ASPError object, but it doesn&#039;t seem to ever show the error exists when I know there is one. Is there another object that catches it or something. I know with the connection object I can do say "If objConn.Count &#062; 0 THEN" to make it do something when a connection to the database throws an error. But how do I detect one with Server.Execute.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Chad

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