Hello,<BR><BR>Can you help me?<BR><BR>I got a list of names in a drop down menu made up of values taken from a recordset as shown below. I would like to set up a select query that compares the values in a recordset with only one of the values that makes up the name i.e. compare the surname column in the drop down menu with the surnames in the recordset.<BR><BR>Is this possible??? <BR><BR>Dim strTutorOption<BR>strTutorOption =""<BR>Do Until RS.EOF<BR> strTutorOption = strTutorOption & _<BR> "&#060;OPTION VALUE&#062;" & RS("userForename") & " " & _<BR> RS("userSurname") & "&#060;/OPTION&#062;"<BR> RS.MoveNext<BR> Loop<BR><BR>Set RS = Nothing<BR><BR>