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    I&#039;ve been reading through many an article showing how to do various things with and am trying to work out how best to write the pages since some of the examples work, and some don&#039;t depending on how the page is constructed.<BR><BR>Basically, is the best way to do it the Visual Studio 7 way (where you have pagename.aspx and pagename.vb keeping the code and the html 100% seperate) Or to put all the script at the top of the aspx page with the html below?<BR><BR>Opinions please!

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    Personal opinion?<BR><BR>I think that the whole code behind thing is basically designed to lend itself to code reuse.<BR><BR>Therefore if you are creating server controls and they are re-useable across several webforms then by all means bundle then up and re-use them.<BR><BR>But for stuff that is page specific then stick it in local routines.<BR><BR>What do you think?

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