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    I have problem with array!! I have this problem: subscript out of range ???<BR><BR>Here is my code: <BR><BR>Dim outputarray(1,3)<BR>arraycount = 0<BR> <BR>while not GetPrizeInfo.EOF<BR> Redim Preserve outputarray(arraycount,3) <BR> outputarray(arraycount,0) = GetPrizeInfo("TheSum")<BR> outputarray(arraycount,1) = GetPrizeInfo("NumOfDays")<BR> outputarray(arraycount,2) = GetPrizeInfo("TheRatio")<BR> <BR> arraycount = arraycount + 1<BR>GetPrizeInfo.movenext<BR>wend<BR><BR>Can someone have a solutions ???

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    Default Your array is too small

    You redimension it to 0, it has to be as big as the amount of elements you want to put in it!

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