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    I have some doubts in ASP.Basically i&#039m a CGI/PERL programmer.<BR>Now i&#039ll have to do some ASP programs. Can you help me to clear my doubts?.<BR><BR>1) We have a financial package in VC++.We would like to make it web enabled.<BR>We are planning to do that prgramming in ASP and back end as SQL SERVER.<BR>We taken around 4 years to finish that project(Our orginal VC++ program).<BR>These package is something like" Tally".There are alot of validations are thier?.If we are going for recreate that package,that will take another 4 years to finish it.<BR><BR>Can you recommend some solution for making that package web enabled?<BR>Can i use same VC++ code for Asp?. <BR>If i can use that same code then,what are the procedures????.<BR><BR>2)My second doubt is again technical.I know how to do the programming in ASP with database(But i have tested that only in locally).<BR><BR>my problem is , After testing locally, how can i upload database on the server?.or how can i create tables on the server (SQLSERVER is already on the NTserver)?.<BR><BR>Can you tell me how can i solve these problems?.<BR><BR>i am waiting to hear from you.<BR><BR>Shiju<BR>(<BR>

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    For question #2,<BR>If you are using SQL 7, try using the sp_detach_db, and sp_attach_db stored procedures. This is assuming that you<BR>are using 7.0 on your local machine too. If you are using<BR>7.0 on at least one machine, try using the Data Transformation<BR>utility, to import or export data.<BR>For question #1,<BR>If you create OLE wrappers to your C++ DLLs you should be able to create an interface to your existing code.<BR>

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