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    DeeeM Guest

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    hi..ive managed to display records from a database and then make one of those records i.e. Company into a link.. <BR><BR>the link goes to a new asp page using this: <BR>response.write "&#060;a href=&#039;directindex.asp? company="&recForeCourt.Fields.Item("Company").Valu e&"&#039;&#062;test&#060;/a&#062;" <BR><BR>which works but it will only display that record on the next page.. how do i get it to display everythign like address, tel, fax etc... ? <BR>

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    Heaven's Martini Guest

    Default create a rs

    Well<BR><BR>This isn&#039;t advanced at all but here goes.<BR><BR>I assume you are doing some sort of drill-down. Correct?<BR>Well, take the id you are passing through the querystring<BR>and build a recordset based on that id.<BR><BR>select blah,blah,address,zip from company where companyid = "& id &"<BR><BR>and do that.<BR><BR>alternatively, you could build dynamic forms pass all the company data in the forms collection, but that might be a bit tricky for you at this point.<BR><BR>

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    DeeeM Guest

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    hmm in the new page im using: <BR><BR>"SELECT * FROM suppliers WHERE company=&#039;" & request("company") & "&#039;"<BR><BR>then i use request("Company") to print the company name on the page...but i need the address, tel, fax etc...aswell..<BR><BR>ive tried RecforeCourt("Address1") etc...<BR><BR>but still only prints the company name :/<BR><BR>can u help?<BR>

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    Heaven's Martini Guest

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    Hmm<BR><BR>Okay, so you send company through the querystring, <BR>and open the recordset, so <BR>lets see the relevant code and get it fixed.

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    Default RE: create a rs

    I think that you need to:<BR><BR>company = request("company") and then<BR><BR>Select * from TableName where company =&#039;" & company & "&#039;"<BR><BR>create and open the record set and the sql and then<BR>use &#060;%=Rs("fieldname")%&#062; where you want them.

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