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    I have a page that is divided into frames. In one frame, i display contents of a folder; and in another I have a "tool bar" that contains varied operations such as delete, rename, properties,etc. My problem is I need to select a file among the displayed files then pass the file parameters, in order to invoke say delete. Please help!

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    So what is the problem?<BR><BR>With some client-side javascript you can pass the name of the file (or whatever) to the other frame by placing it in a (hidden) textfield.<BR><BR>parent.MyOtherFrame.MyForm.MyTex tField.value = &#039;myfile.txt&#039;;<BR><BR>Or something like this. Or, when you click the delete button, you can check in the other frame what file is selected.

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    I am interested in the latter i.e. onclicking the delete check which file has been selected on the other frame. I am not really familiar with frame manipulation but THANK YOU VERY MUCH for guiding me in the right direction.

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