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    hsunay Guest

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    I have written a dll in VB. It uses MTS. I have run it on Windows 2000 server on 3 different servers, and no problem. But on one 2000 Server I have a problem like that :<BR>"Automation error The server process could not be started because the configured identity is incorrect. Check the username and password."<BR>I searched for that and I got an document (, but it couldn&#039;t help me!<BR>Do you have any idea?? Thanks a lot...

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    Karin van Ettinger Guest

    Default RE: also problems with identity

    I too have problems with the identity.<BR><BR>I created a new local user - just member of the user-group.<BR>Using this user for the identity the package had to run under caused a lot of problems. <BR>Tried to add &#039;log on as a batch job&#039; and checked all the NTFS permissions .. but it was no solution.<BR>Now I&#039;ve added this user to the local administrators - and it works fine.<BR>However i&#039;m not happy with an user with administrator permission. So I&#039;m still looking what else will solve this problem.<BR><BR>Let me know if you find a real solution.<BR><BR>Karin van Ettinger

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