I have a ASP page that is my main page. This main page opens a popup which submit a form to a processing <BR>third page and then redirects back to the popup page. The processing page is only a middle page that <BR>does my processing and then redirect back to the original popup. I need to refresh the main page, however <BR>the main page is a frameset that I only need to refresh the middle frame. Any idea? Here again is <BR>the breakout. Opener.location and parent does not work because of the 3rd page I beleive.<BR><BR>Main Page 1: Frame Page 3 frames<BR>Calls Page 2 (popup page). Page 2 submits to another page only for processing and then redirects back <BR>to Page 2(popup page). On the close of Page 2 I want to refresh the middle frame of Page 1.