I know this is probably not the place for it, but I&#039m desperate.<BR>This is a plea to anyone who has registered for the Wrox conference in London but is unable to attend!<BR><BR>Please mail me if you or anyone you know of has registered for the wrox press developers conference in London, starting 21st Nov and is now unable to attend. Wrox do not offer refunds for cancellations after 1st Nov. I&#039ve been unemployed for a few months now and hence cannot afford the full price of a delegate seat. However, I can offer a portion of the fee as way of a thank you. Accommodation is not a problem as I live fairly close to the venue. I have been working with asp for a few months, so if there&#039s anything I can help with or offer in return, please let me know.<BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Many thanks,<BR>Shazad<BR>shaz@uk2.net