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Thread: ?Send mail from remote server w/CDONTS-can it be d

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    Default ?Send mail from remote server w/CDONTS-can it be d

    I have found no answer to this anywhere. What I would like to do is set up CDONTS to send mail using a server other than my web servers to send the mail. In the past I have re-dircted to a page w/<BR>&#060;%<BR> SET ObjNewMail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")<BR> ObjNewMail.From = Request("from")<BR> ObjNewMail.To = Request("to")<BR> ObjNewMail.Subject = Request("subject")<BR> body = ...<BR> ObjNewMail.body = body<BR> ObjNewMail.Send<BR> ...<BR> Response.Redirect "somePage.html"<BR> ...<BR><BR>What I would rather do is something similar to retreiving email w/cdonts.Session object which I can&#039;t get to work. <BR>...<BR>SET mySession = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.Session")<BR>mySession .LogonSMTP "Administrator", "administrator@myDomain.com"<BR>...<BR>etc. If anyone has any insight on how to send mail with asp from a remote mailserver-please let me know. Thanks in advance.<BR><BR>reverend27

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    you can set up a form on one site and set the action to a page on another server. then set that page (on the *other* srver) up to grab the data and create a new message from the form data mail the letter and redirect back to the other page with some status code in the querystring to let the original page know whether the mail succeeded or not.<BR>don&#039;t know if thats what you want or not. but it works.

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