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    mark Guest

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    I want to increment the maxedid going into field contactid... it doesnt want to increment... the number stays the same the whole way throught the loop. the loop is already governed by the array so I couldnt use that to increment it. <BR><BR><BR><BR> For iLoop = LBound(jobContactNamefRows) + 1 to UBound(jobContactNamefRows)<BR> &#039;Response.Write jobContactNamefRows(iLoop) & "<BR> "<BR> <BR> rsinsert = "Insert into Contacts (contactid,Firs.....) Values ("&session("maxedid")&", &#039;"&jobContactNa.....)"<BR> response.write(rsinsert)<BR> set rsinsert = myconn.execute(rsinsert)<BR> maxedid = maxedid + 1<BR> Next

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    Well like you mentioned it will be the same as your iLoop so why do it again...if you really have to then maybe you should initilaize the value to 0 BEFORE the loop and try.<BR><BR>

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    mark Guest

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    nope... couldnt do that since it already has a value which i needed. But, I figured it out, I forgot to put attach the term session to maxedid, which is why it didnt increment. thanks for you help tho... see ya.

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