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    I have built a little javascript eye that looks at the mouse pointer. There&#039;s only one problem; it only looks at it when the mouse pointer is over the document that contains the script (i.e. when I move my mouse over another window or into another frame the script quits responding). I&#039;m using this function<BR><BR>function Move_Mouse() {<BR>MouseX = document.body.scrollLeft + event.x;<BR>MouseY = document.body.scrollTop + event.y;<BR>Eye_Stuff();<BR>}<BR><BR>and I&#039;m calling it with this: window.document.onmousemove = Move_Mouse;<BR><BR>how do I do it differently?<BR><BR>BTW, my program ONLY works in IE :P

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    Well, you can&#039;t really control what the mouse cursor looks like once they leave the browser window with JavaScript. If you want the eye to persist through frames, you can put the JavaScript on the pages contained in the frames as well. Otherwise, I am not sure you can do this.

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