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Thread: automating Excel spreadsheet creation and Emailing

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    hello - <BR> is it possible to automate the creation of an Excel spreadsheet from table values, say once a week, and email this file to someone?<BR><BR> I&#039;m pretty sure that I can use Agent to automate data retrieval, but my problem is two fold:<BR><BR>1: SQL Mail isn&#039;t installed on our SQL box. I can&#039;t install it because our mail server isn&#039;t MAPI compliant. BOL stated that it needed to be... if there&#039;s a way around this please point me to the light<BR><BR>2: I don&#039;t know how to create the Excel spreadsheet automatically. I saw the great article on 4guys using OWC, and I know that if worse comes to worse I can just make some include file and use CDONTS, but I don&#039;t really want to do this, since I don&#039;t want to add unnecessary strain on the web server.<BR><BR>We are using SQL Server 7.0, Win NT 4.0 and IIS 4.0. I&#039;m pretty new to advanced SQL Server tasks, so be gentile :)<BR><BR>thanks in advance<BR>leo

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    I actually have a question for you concerning excel spreadsheets. I have to make available an excel spreadsheet to download, and I after reading your post I read the OWS article to see if that was a viable option. However with OWS there doesn&#039;t seem to be a way to export the file to the client machine. Is there a way for the user to save the file with OWS? <BR><BR>If you read the "Repost from Thurs Excel file help" message you can read all the gory details about my problem.

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