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    Within a file called fileaction.asp I have functions for the various file manipulations like copy, move, delete "thisfile" and thought it would be nice to add the download option to make it complete. However when I call the fileaction.asp file from the fileactionoptions.asp file that sends all the info to be worked on (file source, destination etc. etc.) all works fine for all the options except download.<BR>I read some stuff that you can use Response.ContentType to pop up the dowload box and in my function I have<BR><BR>Response.ContentType = strFileSource<BR><BR>Which pops up the download box fine BUT the file it is offering me to download is fileactionoptions.asp (the file that called fileaction.asp to do all the work) What do I have to do to get the Response.ContentType to point to the file Path I have stored in the strFileSource variable?

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    I think what you may need to do is after the Response.ContentType, add:<BR><BR>Response.AddHeader "content-disposition", "inline; filename=" & YourFileName<BR><BR>Just a thought, it may need a tweak or two, but that is the right direction.

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