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    I retrieve a string from a memeo field in Access, and use the split function to assign all the seperated values into variables.<BR>When I go to populate my drop list, I want to check to see if any values match the list and have them selected.<BR><BR>My code works if I use the actual string, but won&#039;t work if I use the variable. When I split the memo field, should I make sure the variables are strings?<BR><BR>The values are strings and my database indexs/values are strings

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    Example<BR><BR>Dim MyList<BR>Dim NewList<BR><BR>MyList="Cats,Dogs,Fish,Frogs"<BR><B R>NewList=Split(MyList,",")<BR><BR>Response.write "&#060;select Name=&#039;TheList&#039;&#062;" & vbcrlf<BR>for i = 0 to Ubound(NewList)<BR>Response.write "&#060;option"<BR>If NewList(i)= Request.form("TheList") Then Response.write " Selected"<BR>Response.write "&#062;" & NewList(i) & "&#060;/option&#062;" & vbcrlf<BR>next <BR>Response.write "&#060;/Select&#062;" & vbcrlf<BR>

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