First of all I&#039;m sorry for posting a javascript question in the ASP Q & A Forum but so far, you guys/girls are the only one&#039;s that are capable of answering these type of questions.<BR><BR>I&#039;m looking for a tutorial in javascript of a timer() function.<BR>What I would like to do is:<BR>1-When the page loads I have a textbox with 00:00:00 as a default value.<BR>2-Then the timer() starts like so : 00:00:01 and 00:00:02, 00:00:03 etc.<BR>3-I would also like to have a button that when clicked, the timer() would PAUSE, then when I click the **SAME** button the timer() continues counting <BR>4-I&#039;m **NOT** looking for a "Start/Stop" kind of button, I&#039;m more interested in a "Pause/Continue" button.<BR><BR>I have found plenty of example of the "Start/Stop" button in javascript but unfortunately I haven&#039;t found one like the "Pause/Continue". Perhaps you can show me a link so that I can achieve my goal.<BR><BR>Sincerely <BR>Thanks<BR>Vlince