Use cgi dll tags in asp page.

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Thread: Use cgi dll tags in asp page.

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    Default Use cgi dll tags in asp page.

    My ISP has a built in cgi script for a page counter that uses a dll tag. Instructions to use is as follows....<BR><BR>&#060;!expand_me&#062;<BR>&#060 ;center&#062; &#060;font color="#FF0000"&#062;%CurrentCount%&#060;/font&#062; &#060;/center&#062; <BR><BR>The dll tag is the "%"....The code above will work if I save my page as .html but will NOT work if I save it as .asp Could any one help me? Thanks<BR>

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    Default RE: Use cgi dll tags in asp page.

    Flame me if I&#039;m wrong, people, but I&#039;ve coded in cgi scripts before, and I&#039;m pretty sure you can&#039;t slap those tags into anything you want. ASP wasn&#039;t even around back in the days when CGI came about. I think yer up a creek if you want to try to use CGI tags (even though it&#039;s not the script itself) within an ASP page, mostly due to the fact that ASP won&#039;t recognize any of that CGI stuff. Sorry that doesn&#039;t help you to fix the problem, but that could be why yer not getting any responses.

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