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Thread: http_referer: full path of home page?

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    Troy Ackerman Guest

    Default http_referer: full path of home page?

    I am using Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_REFERER") with a hit tracking system at my site. When the default home page is called I don&#039;t get the actual full path.<BR><BR>Example:<BR>Browser calls:<BR>Server finds default page: default.htm<BR>Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_REFER ER") returns and not<BR><BR>Is there any way to get the full path? Possibly using some client-side trick to pass the URL?<BR><BR>Any suggestions?<BR>Troy Ackerman<BR><BR><BR>PS: The reason i want to do this is because for hit tracking i would like the statistics to track the default home page as the same page that is clicked on from within the site.<BR>

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    Default RE: http_referer: full path of home page?

    myTemp = Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_REFERER")<BR>if myTemp = "" then<BR>myTemp = ""<BR>end if

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    Troy Ackerman Guest

    Default Why that won't work!

    Thanks for the quick response. But that won&#039;t work for my implementation: The hit tracker is available to my members (niche target BTW) and will be tracking several different sites. I cannot predict the path of their default home page.<BR><BR>It could be: default.asp, default.htm, home.htm, home.asp etc...<BR><BR>

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    dingleberr Guest

    Default RE: Why that won't work!

    out of curiousity why do you need to know more than the domain they came from, if no page is specified then you know it was the default for that domain?

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    Troy Ackerman Guest

    Default RE: Why?

    If you have any suggestions for a better implementation let me know :) But, here&#039;s why:<BR><BR>CB = Client Browser<BR>HT = Hit Tracker<BR><BR>CB types:<BR>HT: tracks<BR>CB clicks on link for<BR>HT: tracks<BR>CB: clicks on link for<BR>HT: tracks<BR><BR>The result is that there are now statistics for 3 UNIQUE PAGES althought only 2 UNIQUE PAGES were visited.<BR><BR>In the SQL log analysis the tracked pages ( and are not equal, even though they are the same page.<BR><BR>Troy Ackerman

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