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    Sorry for the non-ASP question but everyone here seems to know a lot of resources.<BR><BR>I need a menu that has primary categories that when the mouse hovers on them or they are clicked on the category expands into the sub-categories under it. The rub on this one is I need it to be centered on the page and not in frame or floating. I have checked on javascript.internet.com and dynamicdrive.com but no luck. Anyone seen a script for this type of menu someplace?

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    I&#039;ve been looking for essentially the same thing for some time, however all I&#039;ve found are absolutely positioned menus. I believe this is due to a limitation in Netscape with relatively positioned layers. Most of the menus I&#039;ve seen do however expose the top & left parameters so you could do something like calculate the height & width and set these properties with javascript on page onload and resize.

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