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    clay shuder Guest

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    how would i go about querying an access 2000 database that resides on a cd, via a form. i'm trying to distribute a database on a cd and would like the cd to contain a web page that contains a query form, much like an active server page that resides on a web server.

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    el gano Guest

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    You adjust your reference of your System DSN for your odbc connection.

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    I&#039;m guessing, but you would probably need to use the mappath method in your form, as you can&#039;t be expected to setup dsn&#039;s on all PC&#039;s.<BR><BR>Conn.Open "DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)}; DBQ=" & server.mappath("../path/db.mdb")

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    The user would have to have PWS installed on their computer, and you cannot run an asp page from D:somefolder.

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