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    Jakernaut Guest

    Default BOF / EOF error handling

    I am accessing a table by date, and if a row exists with that date, I want to return value a. If the date does not exist, I want to just display a space. I am currently using a WHILE NOT RS.EOF approach, but I get the BOF/EOF error if the date does not exist. How can I code this correctly?<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

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    This should work<BR><BR>"Select * from Mytable where MyDate =#" & TestDate & "#"<BR>Set MyRs=ObjConn.Execute(Cmd)<BR><BR>If MyRs.Eof then<BR> Displayval = "&amp;nbsp;"<BR>else<BR> DisplayVal = MyRs("MyDate")<BR>End If<BR>Response.write DisplayVal

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