Our team needs to run daily and weekly batch emails via SQL Mail on SQL Server 4.0. Unfortunately, in most cases, the job runs to only partial completion. Strangely, no error messages are generated - the job messages that it "has completed" even though it has not. <BR><BR>The SQL Mail program uses T-SQL script in a DTS which calls a query from a SQL Server table of e-mail addresses. The script uses a SQL string (Select * from email table) to cycle the message out to NT&#039;s MAPI Client (in this case, Windows Messaging) one e-mail at a time, which in turn generates an e-mail out through our company&#039;s mail server. Our jobs run anywhere from 5 to 3000 emails depending on the load. <BR><BR>The code works fine, and most of the small batches (5-20 emails) run to completion. However, most larger batches (100 to thousands) run only to partial completion, sometimes just a few run, sometimes almost all run - no real pattern. I have experimented with buffering batches to take some of the load off the mail server - for example running 20 at a time with a 30 second delay, or in placing a delay of up to 15 seconds between each e-mail. The larger buffers seem to provide slightly better results, but I have yet to hit a number that allows all to run with just 2-5 hours time and to full completion. Are there any settings on the SQL Mail or SQL server side that I have overlooked, or do I need to contact our mail server administrator? Anyone else experienced this problem? Thanks in advance for your assistance!