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Thread: open a different asp page. HELP !

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    Question 1<BR>How do I open a new browser page from with in asp. I have a page client.asp and from here I want to open a page responce.asp. When I try to open it with server.transfer I stay in client.asp and just open the content of responce.asp still have the images and stuff from the client on the page and on the Address bar of the browser it says client.asp instead of responce<BR><BR>Question 2 <BR>Ok sorry about all this ;) but also if I have text from somthing how do I put this into a session variable, I tried <BR>session("var") = "shane". Now If i try to access this from another page it is empty, do I have to set anything else up before using session variables ?<BR><BR>Thanx in advance<BR>Shane

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    Question 1 :<BR>response.redirect "responce.asp"<BR><BR><BR>Question 2 :<BR>The syntax you are using is correct, so the value should be set, check for spelling errors when you are trying to access it from another page.<BR><BR><BR>Hope this helps,<BR>Mike

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