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    is it considered bad practice to open a web database such as sql or access over a network to insert new data for the website. ie should one build a series of asp management pages to manage the db from within the process space. is this one of those isapi slash [apartment vs free] threading issues. <BR><BR>james

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    As the web is mostly dealing with small amounts of data. with record you are talking about 1 to 2 k max.. then it depends on the number of concrennt user the syustem is likely to have. that will tell you how it will impare the network if your site is onlyu getting &#062;1000 hit&#039;s per day. I don&#039;t think there will be a problem other wise wrte a batch process to upload the inopfrmation at a time when network traffic is low.

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    I unserstand your answer but what I mean is it bad to actually open a web msaccess database with access externally, so extracting the database out of the virtually directory and then saving the new data back into the db.<BR><BR>andy

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