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    I have a laptop with MS InterDev 6.0 on it to use as my primary web dev tool.<BR>To start or work with a project with Interdev it asks me for a Server. No GO though:<BR><BR>The laptop has Windows Me! Which I know sucks but it just does.<BR>How do you get Interdev to recognize a stand-alone machine as a server.<BR>any links or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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    You need Personal Web Server, But I don&#039;t know if there is such a thing for Windows Me. Or maybe you just use the old one.<BR>You may have to just install Windows 2000.<BR>Which has IIS on it.<BR>But also: you don&#039;t upgrade from Me--&#062;2000. You have to get the full version.<BR>Hopefully someone else has an idea.

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