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    Frik Guest

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    I have an ASP page that do some client side validation. On this form i have a submit button (Add), a change, a delete and list button. At this stage all the buttons are submit buttons. <BR><BR>On the client side validation only the add buttons data needs to be validated. WHenever i click (submit) the other buttons it does the validation as well. I have changed the one button to "button" but then i can get the form to "submit"&#062; how can i tell the system to only to validate when it is add ?<BR><BR>My code for the validation is :<BR>Function frmMachineMaint_onSubmit()<BR> if frmMachineMaint.txtMachineDesc.value = "" then<BR> alert "Please Enter a Machine Description"<BR> frmMachineMaint.txtMachineDesc.focus<BR> frmMachineMaint_onSubmit = false<BR> end if<BR> end function<BR><BR>Your help is appreciated<BR><BR>

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    pink Guest

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    Function frmMachineMaint_onSubmit()<BR>submitbtn=Request.Fo rm("add_btn")<BR>if submitbtn="add" then<BR>if frmMachineMaint.txtMachineDesc.value = "" then<BR>alert "Please Enter a Machine Description"<BR>frmMachineMaint.txtMachineDesc.foc us<BR>frmMachineMaint_onSubmit = false<BR>end if<BR>end if<BR>end function<BR><BR>

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