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    look, i&#039;m no techie. i picked up html on the job when i slipped into the networld after studying films! now, in my previous place of employment, we made html templates and each page was uploaded after i edited it using dreamweaver. <BR>this new place here, they have this entire site in ASP.. i dunno why you guys are so reluctant to share info. anyway, what i want to know is what the techs here told me: since the entire site is asp run, you cant freak out with the bg color in one page coz that will screw up the layout for the entite site... is that not pretty awful, and inflexible? after trying to go thru some basic asp tutorials, i still have not found the answer. i&#039;m sure it is a great thing...so many people tell me... but is it really so inflexible?

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    No it not infelexable. if you are used to working with template in deamweaver you need to look up a few artilces on server side incluses can be found on http://www.4guysfromrolla.com, as far as the bg colour thing goes. they must mean that the change to one page will change the rest this is only possable with the serversides. if they are not using server sides then I think they are taking crap. ASP has the ability to do what every you can think of. give users the ability to control the web page in any way they want. give a site content managment, it seams very daunting at the start but stick with it. It is the future. <BR>

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    There&#039;s nothing that can be done in html that you can&#039;t do in ASP. It just allows you to do a bunch of things with databases. My guess is that when someone told you that changing one thing you can screw up the color on the whole website, they were talking about one of the cool features of ASP. You can create one file that holds all your color and formatting information for your website, then when you are creating your website you just include that file. Then if you ever want to make a change to a color in your website you only have to change that one file instead of going through the whole site and changing every single page. And you aren&#039;t required to do that, you can change a few of them within the site to be static (bgcolor=#000000) instead of dynamic (bgcolor=&#060;%=mybackgroundcolor%&#062;).

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