Hi All,<BR> I hope some one out there can help me, Im having a look at RDS, I am trying to connect to a remote SQL Server database hosted by another Web Server, so I can develop a VB Application to handle database transactions between remote Web databases and LANs.<BR> The code below runs of a VB button and is trying to open a recordset using RDS. The database connection string is one used by the Web Site&#039;s global.asa so is accurate.<BR> When I run it though I just get : &#039;Invalid Server Response&#039; when it attempts to open the record set.<BR><BR>Any Ideas would be welcome....<BR>I am not sure about the server syntax, I am simply sticking in the main web sites URL.<BR><BR>On Error GoTo rds_err<BR> <BR> Dim DS As New RDS.DataSpace<BR> Dim DF As Object<BR> Dim RS As New ADODB.Recordset<BR> <BR> Dim sConnStr As String<BR> <BR> Screen.MousePointer = 11<BR> <BR> sConnStr = "Provider=SQLOLEDB;" _<BR> & "Data Source=NC-MEB-IVISIONINTERVISION;" _<BR> & "Initial Catalog=InterVision;" _<BR> & "User Id=intervision;Password=intervision;"<BR> <BR> Set DF = DS.CreateObject("RDSServer.DataFactory", "http://www.myserver.com")<BR> Set RS = DF.Query(sConnStr, "SELECT * FROM OrdHeader")<BR> <BR> RS.Close<BR> DF.Close<BR> Screen.MousePointer = 0<BR> <BR> Exit Sub<BR> <BR>rds_err:<BR> Screen.MousePointer = 0<BR> Beep<BR> MsgBox Err.Description & " " & Err.Number<BR> Exit Sub<BR> <BR><BR>Cheers<BR>Jon<BR>