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    Hello,<BR><BR>I&#039;ve just start to use POP3svg with ASP and want to convert it to .NET<BR>The .dll file working good accept that I get an object from this varArray = Mailer.MessageInfo<BR>It should be a 2 dimensional array vartype like varArray(I)(8) but isn&#039;t!<BR><BR>Any suggestions how I can get the MessageInfo and how I declare the variable to a variant in .NET OR maybe I don&#039;t need POP3svg and can get mail without it?<BR><BR>In vb6 you can declare a variable like this "Dim varArray()" and the variable will be an variant like in ASP too, but in .NET I need to specify every variable and I can&#039;t found variant datatype!<BR><BR>It seems like .NET convert all variant variables to an object, but how can I get an object to a arraylist?<BR><BR>/Regards, Micke

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    You should use the .NET SmtpMail object to send your mail. You can work with 3rd party COM components but it is advisable to use the .NET framework classes when migrating your code.<BR><BR>You can find reference to it in the System.Web.Util Namespace.

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    Yes I know that, but this is how you get mail with POP3. Do anyone have any codeexaple for this?

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