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    Perhaps you guys know this REALLY strange problem:<BR><BR>In doc A:<BR>Set Session("Persoon") = New Persoon<BR>Session("Persoon").Init(objRs.Fields("U serID").Value)<BR><BR>So i made a new persoon (class)<BR>then i init it providing the unique key from the database<BR><BR>After that, i checked if it was an object (it was) and if i could use getname ... (property get&#039;s) (i could).<BR><BR>Now in document B:<BR>IsObject(Session("Persoon")) returned True<BR><BR>BUT!! when i tryed Session("Persoon").GetName it says "Deze eigenschap of methode wordt niet ondersteund door dit object" which is in english "This property or method cannot be ?understood?&#039; by this object".<BR><BR>but in the first doc i tried it already & it worked? Session timeout = 2 so session can&#039;t be timed out. Neither have i closed the browser ...<BR><BR>Probably you could help me? I don&#039;t need a full explanation (too much time 4 you), but a quick link where i can read about this could be handy.<BR><BR>Thx in advance!<BR><BR><BR>

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    Well, Session() IS an object... which is why your test is returning true. And .GetName is not a property of the session... are you trying to access the object that resides in the session? Set it to a local variable first.<BR><BR>Otherwise, here&#039;s the properties of Session:<BR><BR>PROPERTIES <BR><BR>CodePage Property<BR>The CodePage property specifies the server codepage that will be used to display dynamic content. <BR><BR>LCID Property<BR>The LCID property specifies the location identifier that will be used to display dynamic content. <BR><BR>SessionID Property<BR>The SessionID property returns the unique identifier for a user session. <BR><BR>Timeout Property<BR>The Timeout property is the length of time in minutes before an idle session is

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