Hi,<BR><BR>Ok, I have this bit of code in asp...<BR><BR>Session.LCID = 3081 (aussie)<BR>strDate = Cstr(Now)<BR><BR>Then I put the strDate into an Access table field that is set to "Text" NOT Date/Time...<BR><BR>So if strDate is 29/04/2001 9:11:48 PM it goes into access with add.new etc... and access makes the field 04/29/2001 9:11:48 PM and lines it up on the left of the field so I know its a string (dates line up on the right)!!!! I guess access recognizes it as a date and switches it automatically? That drives me nuts...<BR><BR>I don&#039;t really need to change it, but I would like to understand why access is taking my string value and making it a u.s. date value in a text field. I understand access doing this when the field is set as date/time, but I don&#039;t understand why it does this when the field is set as text<BR><BR>Any ideas?<BR><BR>Also, If I set the sesion.lcid back to the server default (by storing it in a var and reseting) the only way to keep it in aussie is to Cstr the Now, otherwise the strDate switches back to server default (english)...this drives me nuts too... I guess it doesn&#039;t matter to Cstr it because all info passed to a table goes in as a string anyway...but still. <BR><BR>Thanks.