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    I have been assigned to find out why our ASP pages do not work well with forms and databases on our Intranet. I have scoured the Internet looking for information but there is seemingly none on our predicament. I am not well versed in ASP and am jus learning and I don&#039t understand why no one knows what the problem is here. Does anyone have any insight or has anyone set up ASP pages on their Intranet with success and/or similar problems? Any tips would be appreciated!

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    I&#039m not sure why you would be getting problems, I find it&#039s alot easier to develop on intranets. but are you sure youre typing in "http://yourintranet" or does the url look something like this<BR>file:///someone/intranet/default.asp<BR><BR>or another problem might be that youre not programming the pages right<BR><BR>

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