How do you seperate a string?

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Thread: How do you seperate a string?

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    Default How do you seperate a string?

    Lets say, in a memo field in Access, I have the value: 1, 2, 3<BR><BR>how can i pull the values seperated by the comma to get:<BR>strA = 1<BR>strB = 2<BR>strC = 3

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    Default Use split

    Split breaks up a string into an array based on a delimiter (in this case, the comma).<BR><BR>Dim aResults<BR>aResults = split(str, ",")<BR><BR>&#039;Now, aResults(0) = 1<BR>&#039; aResults(1) = 2<BR>&#039; aResults(2) = 3<BR><BR>Check out this FAQ:<BR><BR>How can I convert a string into an array?<BR><BR><BR>And this article:<BR><BR>Parsing with join and split<BR><BR><BR>Happy Programming!

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    Default RE: Use split

    Thanks Scott!!!

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