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    I am using the script found at http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/121298-1.shtml to page through a recordset. One property that is set is rs.AbsolutePage. When I use that I get the following message: "The operation requested by the application is not supported by the provider."<BR><BR>I am using SQL Server 7.0 on a db server running NT 4.0 and I am running IIS 4.0 on an NT 4.0 web server. I set up a system DSN on the web server. I am not having problems connecting to the DB.<BR><BR>Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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    If you are using SQL, I *strongly* encourage that you use a stored procedure to page records. Check out:<BR>http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/062899-1.shtml<BR><BR>I have not performed tests, but I am very certain that the performance using stored procedures and server-side forward-only cursors would outperform that of client-side, static cursors, using AbsolutePage and PageCount. Happy Programming!

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