Can any one give me a job as ASP developer ?

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Thread: Can any one give me a job as ASP developer ?

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    Jeyaganesh Guest

    Default Can any one give me a job as ASP developer ?

    I'm living in Germnay. I have more the 3 year experience in Visual Basic. I'm working in Germany since Jan 2000 as ASP developer. I wolud like to work in USA or Canada or anywhere in Europe. I developed a chat at using ASP. please let me know if you can offer me a job as ASP or VB developer.

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    Wayne Sherman Guest

    Default RE: Can any one give me a job as ASP developer ?

    Hey, that was my question!<BR>I&#039;m looking for a job in the field also, but I want to work from home.<BR><BR>Wayne<BR>

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    Default You guys might want to try....

    The ASP Jobs forum on this site....Your messages will stay up longer. <BR>You might also want to try<BR>Good luck.

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    Default GOOD LUCK REALLY!!!!!!

    Why do u wanna leave your job in Germany and come here, dont you know about the current USA market and the situation here, well at least u have a job there. Dont take any irresponsible step, first make sure u have a job here, the nonly think about leaving the current one.

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    Default Jobs

    There are a number of jobs going at a place I work, there is an amazing lack of ASP knowledge in the UK so we are pretty much desperate. Please send a copy of your CV and a recent photo to<BR><BR>The company is responsible for developing a number of large sites and currently manages the largestPorn Site in the UK. There are plans to start development using the new D-ASP technologies so experience in this fied would be beneficial. The salary starts at £42k (approx $69k), includes health care and a company car.

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