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    Jason Guest

    Default Paging question.

    When you activate paging on a recordset, does a SQL statement executed using that recordset still return all the records? If so, then how would I perform a SQL statement to only grab the first six records, or the next six, etc?

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    Default FAQ's top of the page <eop>


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    Jason Guest

    Default Answer not in FAQ.

    I don&#039;t see the answer in the FAQ.

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    Jason Guest

    Default SQL statement that returns record 10 to record 20?

    Is there an SQL statement that would return record 10 to record 20? This would seem more efficient when I&#039;m only going to use ten records per webpage, especially if query returns a lot of records. I heard of a LIMIT command, but that doesn&#039;t appear to work in Access.<BR><BR>For example, this would be cool:<BR><BR>SELECT * FROM Products WHERE Department=&#039;DVDs&#039; LIMIT 10,20<BR><BR>Any ideas?

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