Subdatasheet... what s that?? (Access question)

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Thread: Subdatasheet... what s that?? (Access question)

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    I have created a db in access... the program makes "subdatasheets" on most of my tables (these show up as +&#039;s in the left most column if you view the data). If you know what im talking about then you might be able to help...<BR><BR>first off.. why are these created.<BR>Second (and most importantly) they bust my code... twice now my code has not been working and i simply delete the subdatasheet from a table and it starts to work. <BR><BR>For example... I had the sql<BR>SELECT * FROM Site site, Staging_Site stage WHERE site.url="" OR stage.url="" <BR><BR>where I had an record in the url field of site.url... with the subdatasheets I was getting no records returned... without it I get a record.<BR><BR>?!?!<BR>Im baffled... what are these subdatasheets used for??<BR>jmirick

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    Default (Access question) not totally sure.....

    I don&#039;t use Access, so I&#039;m unfamiliar with that.<BR>but, try the source =)<BR><BR> tasheets%2520turn%2520off&qu=subdatasheets&boolean =ALL&i=00&i=01&i=02&i=03&i=04&p=1&nq=NEW&fqu=SUBDA TASHEETS<BR><BR><BR>or<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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