I read two great articles here on 4guysfromrolla regarding<BR>paging recordsets -- so that only 10 records will show<BR>on your html page at a time, instead of displaying 4000<BR>records.<BR><BR>Heres my question. In the second article, Daniel said that<BR>if you are requesting 100,000 rows from the database and<BR>set your cursor to only 40 of them using absolutepage, well<BR>those 100,000 records still flow through the network.<BR><BR>That seems like a waste to me! So Daniel wrote an article<BR>on how to make SQL Server only return a certain number of<BR>records back, instead of the 100,000.<BR><BR>Ok, here&#039s *now* here&#039s my question. If you use the<BR>cachesize property, doesn&#039t that tell the database to just<BR>return n records at a time, and not the complete recordset?