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    Wonder if anyone can help me. I'm trying to create a bespoke site statistics system with ASP as all the other reporting tools we've tried (Webtrends, Site Server et al) seem to be inconsistent with both themselves and each other. We need reliable, auditable numbers. Most important value we need to track is unique users each month. I've got current users and users sessions going, but how do I do unique ones? Please help!

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    Default Unique Users?

    If I understand correctly you are looking for the number of unique users and not unique sessions.<BR><BR>Idea #1: Make everyone at your site register for an account. Probably not practical.<BR><BR>Idea #2: Cross reference SessionID&#039;s with IP addresses. Potential problems: different people using the same IP address (not at once) would only be logged as one person. For example: campus workstation = one IP, many users.<BR><BR>Idea #3: Punt and use unique user sessions.<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR>Troy Ackerman

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    Default RE: Unique Users? Cookies maybe?

    First of all, thanks. Second, you&#039;re right in terms of making everyone register, definately not practical, Also cross referencing IP&#039;s won&#039;t really do it. Most of our users are from big corporates and therefore behind a firewall with a shadowing IP. In terms of uniques user sessions, I&#039;m not sure how you would do that? Any thoughts on the idea of using cookies to store unique information? At least then I would get unique workstations. As I said, most of our users are corporate and have their own machines, so by unique PC would probably be a pretty good indication... Don&#039;t know much about cookies though, have to be honest.

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