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    My last server need me to inlude this file as an incluse at the top of every page. However my current server dosen&#039;t care and the scripts run fine i need it? does it effect performance?<BR><BR>-Adrian

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    The file is just a declaration of all the ado constants for use in vbscript. In other words it allows us to use meaningful words instaed of numbers, i.e. :<BR><BR>adOpenStatic instead of 3<BR>adLockReadOnly instead of 1<BR><BR>etc., etc.<BR><BR>This makes the code much easier to understand.<BR>It&#039;s not that your current server doesn&#039;t care, you must not be using any references to these constants in your code, that&#039;s all.<BR><BR><BR>Cheers,<BR>Mike

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