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    Hi<BR><BR>Newbie here with obvious gaps in knowledge.<BR><BR>I&#039;m building a routine to interpret links in text upload to a database in the form: ~LinkName#LinkTo#PageAnchor~. I&#039;m using the split funtion to produce arrays for 1. each link, 2. the elements in each link. but for the life of me I cannot find an easy way to count the elements in each array. I&#039;ve looked through VB5 in 24 hrs and Sams active web programming and checked 4Guy articles but there is scant information on arrays. Surely they have a property like MyArray.count?<BR><BR>Do I have do create a Function ArrayCount... if so how do I know when I hit the end of the array<BR><BR>Ok... abuse me, but put me out of my misery<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Ian<BR>

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    Default Check the ASPFAQ link at the top right corner

    Lots of information

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