Whats wrong with this SQL?

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Thread: Whats wrong with this SQL?

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    Default Whats wrong with this SQL?

    CustID = Request.Cookies("UserID")<BR><BR>strSQL = "Select * From tblOrder where CustID = "<BR>strSQL = strSQL & CustID<BR>rs.open strSQL, cn<BR><BR>I get this error:<BR>&#039;Data type mismatch in criteria expression.&#039;

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    Curtis Guest

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    never mind, got it.....<BR>I didn&#039;t think you had to use quotes everywhere for this<BR><BR>strSQL = "Select * From tblOrder where ((CustID) = &#039;" & CustID & "&#039;)"

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    Default use ints for ints & strings for strings

    if CustID is a string column, then you need quotes. if it is an int column then you don&#039;t need quotes. if CustID only consists of integers you should make the field data type integers in your table.

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