Uploading Files over 300KB timing out!!!

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Thread: Uploading Files over 300KB timing out!!!

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    Okay, I have a script that uploads files using PHP. It&#039;s a simple code..<BR><BR>copy($file3, "d:\inetpub\starcraft.org\resources\scums\$file3_n ame");<BR>unlink($file3);<BR><BR>However, when I try and upload something over 300KB, it just times out, and even users with cable modems are having trouble. It&#039;s not the server either, it&#039;s on a Dual OC-12 Connection.<BR><BR>Is it the script, or does PHP just suck with file uploading. Anyway, is there a file-uploading component that is free, for ASP, that will let me upload very large files (up to 25+ MB) without shitting out on me?<BR><BR>Our whole map section depends on uploads of users, and it&#039;s really important, thanks.

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    Default Upload Components

    I don&#039;t have an answer for you, but here are some links to upload components that might help.<BR><BR>Pure ASP: <BR>http://www.aspzone.com/articles/john/aspUpload/ <BR>http://www.cyberhungary.net/programming/asp/pure_asp_file_upload.htm <BR>http://www.planet-source-code.com/vb/scripts/ShowCode.asp?lngWId=4&txtCodeId=6447 <BR><BR>Components (FREE): <BR>http://www.asphelp.com/aspsimpleupload/ <BR>http://www.caprockconsulting.com/comsoftware.asp <BR>http://www.teamsoft.com.ar/devarea/mFileUp.htm <BR><BR>Components: (NOT FREE): <BR>http://www.softartisans.com/softartisans/saf.html <BR>http://www.aspupload.com/ <BR><BR>Various Components (FREE OR NOT): <BR>http://www.devthreads.com/core/Internet/ASP/Components/File_Upload/ <BR>

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