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    First: I&#039;m new at XML, so forgive me when the question is rather stupid...<BR><BR>I made a bunch of .asp application and Love the fact of extraction data from a db. Now I want to give a standarized interface to the data and thought XML would be it so other application could also access the data. But... I wonder: is it possible to create, let&#039;s say, an .asp file that runs trough a db and creates an .xml document, but doesn&#039;t save it to disk, but sends it to the client. That client could be another .asp application or something completly different. The solutions I found so far saved the xml document, but than that doc is static... It has to be syncronized with the db... isn&#039;t there a way to create a dynamic-xml document? The same comparisation as a html and a dynamic-html (the .asp) form?

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    Never mind. I allready found the solution...

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    Please mail me, I have the same problem !<BR><BR>antoine.lagarde@porcher-ind.com

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